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Training with Master Francois Nguyen and Alexx Nguyen

Few personal trainers have the experience, passion and skill of Hollywood Movie Fight Scene Choregrapher and actor Master Nguyen. Master Nguyen has experience in boxing, kickboxing, mixed martial arts, fitness training, personal training and adjunct kinesiology instructor at TWU. Francois has also trained reality contestants on ABC Extreme Make Over Weight Loss Edition, NBC American Ninja warrior 4, and featured on E! Style Channel Big Rich Texas Season 3 as Boxing / Kickboxing Professional Trainer.


Absolute Boxing - Reality TV Show


Absolute Boxing - Reality TV Show

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"Master Nguyen of Absolute Boxing teaching a Women's Boxing class on a Reality TV Show


Following a pre-session phone consultation, your 1hr personal training session will be tailored to your unique needs and skill level. Your session can be tailored to include one or more of the following disciplines:


  • Body conditioning Classic boxing / Kickboxing / Thai Boxing Self Defense Mixed martial arts (grappling, wrestling, take downs & submission holds) General fitness training * Fitness Modeling

    Whether it's a one off session to kick start a fitness regime or a gift for someone special, Francois will give you the motivation to push yourself harder than you thought possible. Expect rapid results including increased fitness, confidence and physical strength. Your training session can take place at a boxing gym in North Arlington, Dallas, Foth Worth area or at a venue of your choice. Sessions are available year-round, timed to suit your diary.


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    A lot of professional men and women, businesswomen, high achievers, former athletes, all share an attraction to boxing. They want a challenge and also maybe a little edge. We were focus on real boxing fundamentals, real conditioning, all in a highly structured program.

    We teach privately at first, with triathletes and people who were fifty pounds overweight, and uncoordinated. All the while we emphasize the sweet science of boxing and create competitive boxers, plus get our clients in awesome shape! Well, the bottom line is that there is no more of an efficient way to get results fast!

    In Training you get to that point where you want to stop. You're tired, bored, and you just want to hit the showers, the key is overcoming this point in your workout. As cliché as it may sound, NEVER GIVE UP. NEVER STOP! Finish WHAT YOU started. Remember, boxing is like nothing else. You can' t quit in the ring, this attitude will carry into various aspects of your life!

    Women have a tendency to say " I can' t." Part of our philosophy in the gym is we don' t say those words. As soon as you say it, it' s like a self fulfilling prophecy. Get away from the whole " I can' t do a pushup, or a guy pushup." There' s no such thing as a "guy pushup."

    Executive Kickboxing for Women Level 1

    Executive Kickboxing for Women Level 1 An intense session of high energy, high impact, total body conditioning. This class is for people who want to get in shape and learn martial arts. Kickboxing Conditioning teaches the fundamentals of boxing and kickboxing, heavy bag training, floor conditioning, and partner drills. Kickboxing is the most popular fitness program in the nation for a reason: This session burns calories, is excellent strength conditioning, builds lean muscle, tones & conditions your body from head to toe, increases flexibility, and teaches self-defense skills! Experience what the hype is all about! (Gloves required).

    Fitness Modeling

    If you're looking for that extra help to get you ready for competion or if you're just looking to just look like a fitness model. Master Nguyen can help you get there. I've worked with Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, TCU Cheerleaders, Miss Arlington, Miss Latina Contestants, Miss Hawaiian Tropic Models, Fitness Models etc

    Fight Back ! Women's Self Defense, Krav Maga, Closed Quarters Combat, and Urban Combat

    Basic Martial Arts, Urban Combat, Self Defense Training We believe that developing and maintaining a sound body and mind are critical to getting the most out of life. In our adult programs you will experience a unique approach to self-defense and exercise that benefits the body and mind. To strengthen your body, you will begin with isometric and dynamic tension exercises. Flexibility will be enhanced through a gradual building process of safe and easy stretching techniques. You will find that the breathing and concentration exercises sharpen your senses and reflexes while allowing you to relax from the stress of daily life. This unique combination of using the power of the body and of the mind is the key to increased energy, self-discipline, and fitness for a longer happier life. These qualities are essential in recognizing and handling self-defense situations, as well as mental stress. Our system employs a complete, integrated system that will teach you the techniques you need to defend yourself intelligently in threatening situations. Our system will also teach you how to respond to a variety of problems such as:

    Attacks at night Attacks by two opponents Self Defense Attacks by assailants with a weapon and how to disarm them. Reduce stress for a healthy life Improve your fitness, so you look and feel great

    Personal Training

    We offer one-on-one Personal Training Sessions, Group & Corporate Sessions in Fitness, Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Self Defense and can structure sessions to meet your needs.

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    Scott: Boxing, Kickboxing, Fitness, Self Defense. Ivan: Boxing, Kickboxing, Fitness. West: Muay Thai, Self Defense, Fitness.

    Our Personalized Personal Training sessions are designed to give you a total bodywork out! Whether you are a beginner or an advanced individual, we will design a program for you to help reach your fitness goals.

    Our sessions last about 30-60 minutes. Through out your work out you will burn fat, build and tone muscles, release stress, increase endurance and flexibility. After a few sessions you will also start noticing that you have more energy and are more agile through out your day. Nothing beats a good heavy bag and Thai pad workout! This will give you the resistance you will need to make your body stronger. Your professional trainer/ couch will work with you (ONE on ONE) and takes you through various drills and routines using: Heavy Bags, Thai Pads, Focus Mitts, Jump Ropes, Free Weights, Double end Bag, and Speed Bag in order to take your skills to the next level whether you do it to: get in shape, maintain your shape or become a professional fighter.

    You will be put through conditioning drills for the Abs, Shoulders, Chest, Back and Buttocks during all sessions!! Yes, you will get in the best shape of your life with our workouts! It is Addicting!!!

    Discounted Rate for First Private Session. Come in and give us a try! Contact Us Now!

    Semi Private sessions available for the price of ONE!!


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    Boxing Boot Camp

    Boxing Boot Camp is a cardio interval training program which incorporates core, upper and lower body strength and conditioning. You will learn proper boxing technique which includes; stance, jabs, upper cuts, hooks, combinations on a variety of bags as well as speed bag. People of all fitness levels, sizes and ages are gaining great results with this unique fitness experience!

    Women's Small Group Training

    A progressive group personal training program that produces measurable results that are tracked from the start fo finish. Get in the best shape of your life, featuring our cardio-based program offering a strategically planned combination of:


  • Kickboxing Pilates Yoga Plyometrics Resistance Training Ciruit Training Calisthenics * Core Training

    The training is offered in 6 and 12 weeks sessions.

    Women's MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

    Absolute Women's Mixed Martial Arts training is geared towards knowledge, technique, and offensive & defensive skills. This is the introductory part of fighting in competition, where students develop confidence and self-defense abilities. Instruction focuses on interactive contact training, parrying drills, boxing, takedown drills, wrestling, grappling, and Muay Thai free-form sparring. Students wishing to join must first pass a conditioning test and tryouts in order to begin. Testing and gear are REQUIRED.

    For more info check out our Affiliate School Arlington MMA

    Arlington MMA

    Women's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu / Submission Wrestling

    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu / Submission Wrestling Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Is a cutting edge self-defense system famous for its devastating ground fighting techniques. BJJ is specifically developed to allow a smaller person defeat a larger person by sophisticated application of leverage and technique. Gaining superior position on your opponent and applying a myriad of chokes, holds, locks and joint manipulations becomes the foundation for this fun and effective martial art. Our rotating curriculum covers all aspects of grappling, self-defense and competition. (Free introductory class)

    Subission Wrestling: This class is designed to cater to the beginning student. The class starts with 15-20 minutes of warm-ups and conditioning. After the warm up the class transitions to interactive drills, which you can directly translate into real time grappling. 2-3 moves are taught in each class. For the last 30-40 minutes we split the time up between real time drills (competitive) and actual free fighting (grappling). The class is taught at a reasonable pace to help each individual achieve success.

    Kickboxing (at our studio or in home)

    Kickboxing Training ( at our studio or in home training) Personal Kickboxing Training

    Kickboxing is an exciting and dynamic way to achieve the body you have always wanted. Kickboxing provides a whole body workout and is thus a very effective training tool. It involves high impact exercise, and is therefore great for:

    Burning calories Toning muscles Increasing endurance levels Improving flexibility I train male and female kickboxing clients of all ages, ranging from complete beginners to experienced martial artists. I have designed a special 30-week course aimed at beginners. It starts from teaching basic upper body punches and ducking movements and progresses through to more advanced hand, leg and elbow combinations. I also teach this course to groups of personal trainers in health clubs around the US. The popularity of this course continues to grow.

    I also run kickboxing sessions on a one-to-one basis. Individual clients experience great results from sessions geared specifically for them. Whatever the client goals, boxing and kickboxing training can fit into anyone’s fitness program, maybe to replace or complement a current cardiovascular programme or to take up as an exciting new sport.

    As so little space and equipment are required, kickboxing training can work perfectly in a home or small studio. In fact, I am yet to find anyone who has not achieved his or her personal fitness goals using this style of training.


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    Muay Thai

    The Thai name for this form of fighting is "Muay Thai" and many times in the Western world, we simply refer to "Muay Thai" as "thaiboxing". Kicks, punches, knees and elbows are used in combinations with the purpose of knocking your opponent out (or to win by on points if it is a sanctioned fight with a referee and judges.) In most of the Western world, as a competitive sport, elbows are excluded because of the extent of damage to the opponent. In Thailand it is allowed. Boxing gloves are the only protection (as well as a "cup") used. Thaiboxing goes by the Thai name in the U.S. and is known as "Muay Thai" which includes low kicks and knees in the competitive form and excludes elbows. The professional form of Muay Thai in USA is just about as common as the amateur. Even as a, so called, "amateur" it is actually possible to make more money than as a professional depending on what deal you are able to get from the promoter of the organization you are fighting in since several "amateur" organizations in the U.S. pay their fighters just as if they were professional